The abnormal phenomena

People have been surprised by ceaseless inexplicable cases of supervision of UFO, tricks poltergeist, display of extrasensory perception, e t. c. for more than one decade. Scientific methods used to brighten up the nature of these phenomena havent led to some result yet. As studying, the number of questions is rising.

Unfortunately, more or less logical explanation of AP corresponds not to all principles of modern scientific representations. After all a problem is not in competence of researchers, whose level of knowledge doesnt allow to find clear explanations to cut doubts in anomaly of studied phenomenon. People of different scientific views are also strongly interested if AP exists. The scientists interest in the nature of these phenomena takes place at official level. Free of conservatism, they recognize the gravity of a problem, considering that activity of any sensible powers is the reason of a small part of the fixed anomalies. But there is a number of scientists who are convinced in following: It cant be, because it is impossible!. The reason is the lack of arguments. Besides, there is a list of the verified facts which mean the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations (EC) and immaterial beings, contacting to people. In spite of that principle, the list widens daily and it become more and more difficult to ignore.

It is worth noting that phenomena can influence on a psyche of a human. It is the fact. In order to make researchers safe in optimal way it is necessary to find precise methods of data handling to fix all possible unexpected situations and nuances. It is important.

And nevertheless cases of interaction AP and a human with drawing of damage to the last, unfortunately, are quite often fixed. Avoiding negative consequences for own health is easier for a prepared researchers whose knowledge of the abnormal phenomena is enough.

But to be honest, tragic cases with experienced ufologists are also known. These phenomena are so unpredictable, that nobody knows what the attempt of their knowledge can entail. Here is the list of the most widespread negative consequences: burns of various degrees, other physical injuries from bruises to lacerations, electric blow, radiation sickness, fainting fits, full or partial blockade of memory, change of a mental stereotype, nightmares, a fatal outcome. Nevertheless, there are also contact positive sides. Namely: medicinal influence, occurrence of unusual abilities and knowledge.

As you see, the result of a human interaction with AP can be different. Despite undesirable potential results, researchers shouldnt give up. And studying of negative psychophysical changes of the human should be foreground task. So we can stop similar in the future.

Certainly, the abnormal phenomena also affect an inorganic nature. For example, the poltergeist is often accompanied by moving of subjects with invisible power, their ignition and disappearance. Who or what does it? What is the mechanism of this process? What physical principles are used to carry that out? Those are the questions which the researchers need to find answers on. In a case of UFO the number of questions is quite larger. There are a lot of trustworthy cases of mechanical influence of beams of UFO on surrounding subjects. Other properties of beams are not less amazing: moving forward or retraction beam, bending, intermittence, sharpness of the ends, ability to do subjects invisible at illumination! How does it can be explained? At hovering or flying UFO above, the rate of clock can be broken, compass needle revolves on its axis disorderly, the car engine decays. Doesnt it should be explained? And what about UFO maneuvers? Such abrupt movements should destroy structure of a device, but after all it does not happen.

All it means that it is difficult to receive a clear picture of an essence of inexplicable phenomena yet. The trouble is not only in intuitive understanding of breaking the laws of physics, but also in finding out the motivation of possible EC, causing a character of anomalies. Their bond with some phenomena is evident, in my opinion. Besides, it is obvious that EC arent interested in the open contact yet. As the majority thinks, probably our civilization is not really ready for it for many reasons.

It is clear now that the careful analysis of already available information is quite necessary. Having reached more meaningful contribution in picking up a phenomenon and its consequences by devices, researchers will make a scientific breakthrough in that field.

However, the mankind is probably close to understanding the phenomena which interests us.

Other front of ufologists work is urgent. They struggle for opening to people the fact of researches and interest of the state in inexplicable phenomena.

Certainly some state structures made progress in studying the abnormal phenomena. Really, serious legal and material support creates all conditions to extend knowledge of such cases. And military forces can attack UFO. That, finally, can lead to capture of object, its technology (in case of its engineering structure). The thing is in readiness to dare at such step. Nobody knows how the UFO would react. After all mass media talk that military forces has got examples of UFO. The facts a little proved, but there is no smoke without fire. If it is true and there are shot down and (or) suffered an accident UFOs available on some military bases why does it is kept in secret? Is it the armaments drive? It should be another task for ufologists. There is an opinion that secret services have succeeded in development of the psychotropic weapon. The information that the president of Russian Federations receives some help for his management from the whole group of psychics is interesting even more. Reflecting over this circumstance, it is possible to invent, apparently, improbable events. Judge, owning such group, it is possible to keep a situation successfully controlled, avoid wrong steps in the politician and eliminate the competitors by strong government.

It was already mentioned that participation of EC in signs of rationality in the course of anomalies relates to one of the basic hypotheses. It is logical to assume that civilizations should exist for a huge period of time to achieve the level of technologies which UFO may be related to. Maybe less, but it is extremely unlikely. This means that, EC could contact the Earth long ago. It appears that it also can be proved

There are a lot of ambiguities in paleoufology. This science is engaged in search of traces of advanced civilizations on the Earth in the ancient time. The analysis of some archeological finds dated from an early stage in development of humans, makes it possible to conclude that it can be produced just by means of the advanced technologies. But it runs counter to the history as then humans couldnt have such technologies because of the low standard of knowledge about the nature and small possibilities to use its gifts in life. The conclusion arises itself: most likely, it is those traces of advanced civilizations. Unbelievable, but such idea looks more reasonable, than assumption that the ancient could use technologies of our time.

What is real sense of the Bible and other ancient scripts? In process of reading such texts you automatically catch yourself at thought that the author was mistaken about the way how the life and creatures appeared.

It is known that N. N. Mikluho-Maklaj has been nicknamed by indigenes of New Guinea as the person from the Moon and the master of the natural phenomena. They seriously believed that he could stop the rain, to "change" the Moon for the Sun and other. When Russian ethnographer has set fire to the spirit in a saucer, the majority of natives have taken to the heels, asking him not to burn the ocean. But, we perfectly know that, N. N. Mikluho-Maklaj was the usual scientist who couldnt operate elements of the nature and he has never been to the Moon indeed. The thing is that his standard of knowledge was rather different from the Papuan.

In other words, natives of New Guinea had a wrong understanding, overstatement of what they saw because of the lack of data. That is why using achievements of science and technology of that time Mikluho-Maklaj could seem to be all-powerful to the natives. Probably, something similar could happen to the authors of ancient manuscripts when they probably saw in representatives of the EC signs of a God, their creator. Today abstracting from sacred interpretation and in view of the ufology facts some ancient texts can be construed as a narration about a contact of the human and the EC.

Taking problems described above into account it is evident that ufology researches are topical. But the reason of the interest in abnormal phenomena is hidden in other part of a question. Scientific interpretation of amazing properties of the phenomena opens up new possibilities. Understanding of a phenomenas nature will make us able to reveal new energy sources, create flying machines with engineering characteristics ideal for today, a breakthrough in medicine, and there would be an essential push in development of a human civilization in general. Judging by features and consequences of such processes, everything is possible. A problem is only in time needed for getting necessary results. The most important thing is to believe, and, it is better, to understand that impossible is possible and make a dead set at striving for truth.

The author: Sergey Lobanov
The translator: Tatyana Volkova

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