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Article from the newspaper Volzhskoe Obozrenie, February 2007.

Gennady Belimov"s comment:

- Well, its a good thing. The attention to problems should be developed somehow. This problem is topical and needs to be researched. And if this group comes in our stead, it will be simply remarkable. Im glad for the guys. Good luck and success in your research.

Here is a conversation with the co-ordinator of the group "Abnormal zone" Sergey Lobanov - (nickname Ufologg).

- Sergey. Where does this group descend from? The abnormal phenomena (AP) are very interesting, but there is a lot of literature and there is already Volgsky"s abnormal phenomena research group (VAPRG), can you explain why it was necessary to create it, how it functions and, if possible, describe in brief the history of its creation. And in general, how did the idea of it arise? At what stage of creation is the group now?

I started to be interested in the abnormal phenomena when I was a child. Is there anyone who hasnt asked a question about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations? I think, interest arose at many people. Everyone has heard about incredible phenomena. But after all nobody has received exhaustive answers to their questions. My interest grew with the years, quite often it was fuelled by inexplicable things occurring to me. I decided to begin my own researches by all means as soon as it become possible. Therefore I have been living with the thought of being engaged in ufology more seriously till the present moment.

The idea of creating the group has been in my mind since I graduated from the institute. The final push that led to the creation of the team (it"s another way we call it) was my UFO observation within the limits of the city Volgsky. The big difficulties in carrying out regular observations by one person definitively forced me to make a decision to set up a team. And as a result, this idea was realised in a forum of the local network StarNet. I began by creating a topic in one of the forum sections in which I urged the interested people to unite their forces in studying AP. Predictably, the people who joined this group, were already acquainted with such phenomena. Later, some other enthusiasts, users of the local network PowerNet, have joined us. We had to hear repeatedly ridiculous statements, which claimed that: There is nothing to research. It is impossible to research what does not exist. The most interesting that they do not understand, that irrespective of peoples attitude to the existence of AP, they are integral part of reality, their manifestations have been registered again and again by various devices.

Throughout history man, during his life activity inevitably changed the environment, leaving artificial objects subsequently found by archeologists. But quite often scientists are coming across artifacts which do not fit in with the modern understanding of the level of ancient civilizations technological development. Objects were made using a technology which either did not exist then, or is unknown to man even presently. Sometimes they found objects of obviously artificial origin dating back to the period when traces of man did not exist! Paleoufology has achieved a lot in this vein. The fact that scientists cannot explain the improbable facts of paleoufology and today"s manifestations of the abnormal phenomena show how serious and topical the problem is.

The abnormal phenomena are accompanied by changes in the of physical characteristics of space, with the appearance of traces (anomalies) in some form and there is a lot of evidence of this. Those who are familiar enough with the problem, know, that there are cases when interaction with the abnormal phenomena led to undesirable consequences which affected the health of people and animals. This makes the problem even more serious. Even coverage of such facts to pessimists does not help to calm them in the criticism of our team existence. Nevertheless, contrary those whop have negative attitude to the creation of "Abnormal zone" persons, we are already functioning. We are still together, we are one team. It is possible to say that the backbone of group has been formed.

As Gennady Stepanovich has correctly said, we have come not to be in the way of a more skilled group of researchers, but to help VAPRG and the entire ufology movement. Many people know, that the study of these unusual phenomena has been going on for a long time, we are not the first generation that wants to understand the secrets of AP. As the phenomenon is big and complex, many people need to pool their efforts in order to get positive results in this direction. Therefore, there will always be a need for such groups, and our research activity will be needed, too.

- What about the abnormal phenomena here, in our region? What is their frequency? And is it really necessary to research them? It"s an interesting business to chase ghosts, but what about prospects of such pursuits, especially in our region? The Medveditsky ridge is already completely rummaged by Kosmopoisk, enthusiasts and other people. Or I am wrong?

Yes, there have been a lot of expeditions to Medveditsky ridge. But still there is no definite clear picture of the nature of the phenomena occurring there. It is worth researching, as miracles of this zone still happen there. Our group plans to leave for the ridge in the summer of this year. Research of the abnormal phenomena demands a versatile approach, involving experts in various areas of knowledge. Any phenomenon which contradicts a modern paradigm, demands a scientific substantiation. So, researchers try to achieve it. It is necessary to find a connection, the way the phenomenon influence the physical reality. For this purpose there should be a wide range of research activities. Eventually ufologists will necessarily achieve results in the searches, I am sure. And because the Medveditsky ridge still shows its force as an abnormal zone, it is possible and it is necessary to look for explanations there.

It is possible to tell that geographically we are lucky to have mysterious places in our Volgograd region. You know, there are a lot of other base points of AP in our region besides the Medveditsky ridge. For example, Lebyazhya Polyna. G.S.Belimov has written in his works about the frequent appearance of a poltergeist in this settlement. Karshevitskoe Zaymische is also one of the places with frequent manifestations of the abnormal phenomena. I have heard only rumors about miracles occurring there and cannot confirm their reliability, therefore I will not describe them here. But our group Abnormal zone will definitely check these rumors.

Settlement Zaplavnoe is another example. A spherical shining object has often hovered over a kindergarten there. On one occasion three transparent triangular objects were observed flying in a row one clear sunny day. There was other case, when a spherical object with changing colors was seen flying late in the evening. It was noticed over settlement Vosmoe Marta and moved towards settlement Zaplavnoe. Smaller objects of the same shape flew out of from the main UFO and quickly disappeared. There are also other interesting events which should be taken as separate cases.

I would like to tell you more about the recent observation of the triangular objects whose frequent appearance over Volzhsky is quite suprising, but at the same time it makes us more inspired in our ufological activity.

Results of supervision over these objects leave no doubt in classifying them as UFO. The shape of the object, its movement and maneuvers, nature of illumination of the UFO - all this convinces us that this machine is not one of the known kinds of planes.

It"s interesting to observe such an object. Zigzag movement of the UFO and original arrangement of its lights is amazing. The object quite often turned to one or another side during its movement. The object did it so sharply, that it looked, as if it was disappearing from one place, and appearing in another. What manmade plane can do it? Nevertheless, this observation suggests a military origin of this UFO. One of directions of "triangle""s flight is Volgo-Ahtubinskaja water meadow, therefore our team plans to investigate this locality very thoroughly.

Besides these places, other sites of our area, including the Volzhsky city will also be examined actively.

The abnormal phenomena prove themselves everywhere, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to ufology conditions everywhere. It is not excluded, that one more abnormal zone will be found in our area. Frequency of AP manifestations varies depending on a place of observation, and predictive approach is necessary for acceleration of reception of positive results. By turn, the careful analysis of already available information and achievement of more significant successes in registration of the phenomenon and its consequences by devices is necessary for this purpose.

- Whose data do you use in your research? Do you use any data or devices? If yes, who has made it? How is it possible to investigate precisely and how in general is it possible to investigate such phenomena, as the poltergeist and the ghost? By what means? I think that it will be interesting to learn more about it for the readers who dont know a lot about the subtleties of devices construction.

Besides basic "devices", given to us by nature (sight, hearing, tactile sensations), there exists a necessity to register the value of the physical parameters, which change because of influence of the abnormal phenomena, which the person will not notice without using of the equipment. These measurements can bring us closer to the explanation the researched phenomenon. For example, it is necessary to know local leaps (changes) of the electromagnetic field, chronal, magnetic and gravitational anomalies. So, such devices as gauges of characteristics of magnetic field, of electromagnetic field, of static electric fields, a chronometre, etc. will be needed.

The validity of the experiment (measurement of physical characteristics) depends on errors of the device target parameters which contribute to the results of measurements and, of course, on the experimenter. That"s why it is necessary to know exactly what device has to be used. It is possible to find discussions of benefits of a certain device, its diagrams, its advantages and disadvantages in the Internet. Based on all of it, we specify and consider, what diagrams of devices we will use at assemblage. There are a lot of finished devices on offer which we also pay attention to. Concerning the process of carrying out researches, there is an active preparation: studying the experience of famous ufologists, developing our own methods. Any instrument measurement is preceded by information gathering directly from witnesses. Further, according to observation data, conclusions are made about specificity of the necessary equipment for a particular case, taking to account the experience of the previous researches.

- What are organizational plans of the group? What do you want to do? What is you plan? What are your goals exactly? What is the structure of the group? Who are the members of the group? How is it possible to join the group?

There are a lot of ideas. It"s clear, that all our ideas first of all are directed to the ability of functioning, security of group (especially with the equipment). But there are also creative moments, for example, creation of our own logo. All new ideas are usually put to the vote which closes their discussion.

Since there is a programmer in Abnormal Zone, and other people who know a lot about web programming, we are able to realise one of our ideas - our own site in the Internet. Creation of our own Internet page is planned in two or three months. The content and the site interface are still being considered. The site will be interesting, we will do our best. The same persons are working at our own electronic ufology database. There are some difficuties, which we are still trying to overcome.

People of different ages, interests, social statuses have taken part in the activity of the group. Majority of the members of the group are students. There are also peolpe who recently have graduated from university. All members of Abnormal Zone are sure that our group will have a bright future. They make a lot of efforts, participating in the group"s activity, spending their free time developing it. The team will necessarily achieve big successes with such persistence and interest to a researched problem.

The aim which has united us - is obtaining explanations for the researched phenomena, any group like ours has such an aim. It is the main aim, which we will try to achieve anyway. Secondary aims will arise and have already arisen during functioning of "Abnormal Zone. I"m repeating with the big optimism, all problems which we will be faced with will be solved, we will do our best to do it.

To join the group, contact us through the contacts specified below. If anyone has witnessed or learnt about the abnormal phenomenon, please call us at +7 917 729-69-15 or e-mail at ufologg@mail.ru, Sergey.

The author: Sergey Lobanov
The translator: Bezrukov Andrey

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