"Kosmopoisk" association

Kosmopoisk is international movement and all-Russian non-government research association, which research insufficiently explored abnormal phenomena, including crypto physical one, and other borderline and innovatory trends of science for the following application of obtained knowledge in the interests of humanity.

Kosmopoisk is the biggest non-government research association in the world (since 2002). Kosmopoisk is the biggest organization in ufology (crypto physical) sphere in Russian and CIS (since 1999), in Europe (since 2002) and second largest in Eurasia.

Kosmopoisk is the biggest organization on studying AP in Russian and CIS (since 2001). Kosmopoisk is one of the biggest non-government organizations in Russia.

Expeditionary organization Kosmopoisk has been working since 1980 (in 1988-1998 under Moscow Aviation Institute, later independently). Center Kosmopoisk was officially registered in 03.02.1994; as non-government expeditionary organization association Kosmopoisk has been working since 01.05.1997, as international association one has been working since the beginning of 2003, as all-Russian non-government association one was registered in 28.05.2004. The worlds first paleo-ufologist, writer Alexandr Petrovich Kazanzev (1906-2002), was honorable head of the research center Kosmopoisk in 1994-2002. He had begun paleo-ufology researches in 1945 the year and half before then the first American ulologists.

Thereby, organization Kosmopoisk, which was conceived, among the others, by A. Kazanzev, in fact could be counted the oldest ufology organization in the world.

Among the organizers of Kosmopoisk should be mentioned: cosmonaut Grigoriy Timofeevich Beregovoy (1921-1995), who was in charge of project on studying of abnormal phenomenon in Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Alexandr Borisovich Minervin (1922-1996), other famous and respectable people

You can read full information about Kosmopoisk here at the site of organization www.kosmopoisk.ru.