Abnormal zones of Volgograd region

 Abnormal zones of Volgograd region

Abnormal zones in Volgograd region:

Medveditsky ridge

Expedition reports: 2007 , 2008

Photographs of Medveditsky ridge

Settlement Log

Departure report: Departure report: Phenomenon of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God

Photo-report of leaving for the Log

Ground hole of Filin

Photos of ground hole

The Strange Grove

Departure report

Photo-report of departure for The Strange Grove

Devils merrymaking

Devils merrymaking - it is unique natural abnormal zone, which situated at the border of Kotovskiy and Olhovskiy districts of Volgograd region.
It is crater (hole) 500 meters over, filled of multilayer sand of different tints: yellow, orange, red, pink, brick red, perilla purple.

Karshevitskoe Zaymische

Karshevitskoe Zaymische, abnoramal place in Volgo-Ahtubinskaja water meadow, is one of places of frequent magnificent of inexplicable phenomenon.