Volzhsky-AZ (Kosmopoisk)

"Anomalous zone" is a research group on studying abnormal phenomena. The group was founded in 2006, in a city Volzhsky, Volgograd region. During the existence of "Anomalous zone" the backbone of enthusiasts of more than twenty persons has been formed. Thus the group structure undergoes the quantitative changes from time to time - replenishes with new researchers.

"Anomalous zone" is a young and actively developing group. We are enthusiasts giving a lot of efforts and energy to researches and aspiring to make our contribution to ufology development.

On April, 27th, 2008 the group "Anomalous zone" became a part of Association the Nignaya Volga-Kosmopoisk. Since that moment the group has been called "Volzhsky - AZ".
The head of group: Sergey Lobanov.

UFOs, contacts with UFO drivers, the poltergeist, phantoms, pathogenic zones and zones of "force", ball lightnings, extrasensory abilities - all these and many other phenomena are still topical and require studies and explanation. Thats what our group is engaged in.

A comment from Gennady Belimov, skilled researcher of abnormal phenomena:
- Well, its a good thing. The attention to problems should be developed somehow. This problem is topical and needs to be researched. And if this group comes to change us, it will be simply remarkable. Im glad for the guys. Good luck and success in your research.

To join the group, contact us through the contacts specified below. If anyone has witness or learnt about the abnormal phenomenon, please call us at +7 905 39-39-235 or e-mail at ufologg@mail.ru, Sergey.